Our products are used in the following different types of industries


Automation - Thermoformed trays are used for storing components to be used in assembly lines. Components thus stored can be handled by automatic process (e.g. robots)



Automotive/manufacturing - Thermoformed trays are used in automotive industry for storing and transporting different components or assemblies. These products are also known as logistics trays or component trays.

Following advantages are derived from these trays

  • Surface protection and damage protection of components
  • Cost effective storage and transportation of components
  • Stackability of multiple trays
  • Components can be locked into the trays
  • Handling by robots for Automation


Electronic products such as Mouse, memory cards, chargers are packaged in thermoformed blisters and clamshells. These packaging enhance the appeal of these products and allows the customers to fully view the product. Packaging made from anti static material protects the electronic products from electrostatic discharge.